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    About Us

Mission Statement

You Knead a Break exists to create strong partnerships that enrich the lives of people, enhance the quality of organizations where we work and play, and improve the communities in which we live.

Vision Statement

We will partner with corporate, athletic, and social clients to focus on a healthier mind, body and spirit for all of their members and employees by providing professional and comforting massages in a convenient one stop shop at their location. Our partnerships result in relaxed and rejuvenated people that are more productive while providing philanthropic advantages which benefit our communities

You Knead A Break was an excellent experience for my entire team and me. The You Knead a Break therapists came in, found a place to set up, and made it a completely hassel-free and worry-free. ( I was concerned that in my tiny office space with 12 employees, they may not find a place to set up, but they knew just what to do and did not make it my problem at all. ) The other surprise benefit is that it has motivated my team to work harder, looking forward to the next visit from our You Kneed a Break therapist. This is a much better way to reward a good team. The team has told me several times that they prefer the chair massage in office to buying them lunch or sweets. The five-star service, and professionalism of everyone from YOU KNEAD A BREAK, makes them wonderful to do business with.
- Dr. Aileen Trivedi DMD, FAGD

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